When you hear about motorcycle riding, what comes to your mind first? The dangerous rides, the Texas gangs, motorcycle accidents and other serious accidents we see in movies. However, proper and safe motorcycle riding has been directly linked to a number of health benefits. You must have heard of the adage, “free your mind and the rest will follow”. This has a direct and healthy relationship with motorcycle riding. Below are some of the health benefits that will possibly convince you to buy a motorcycle and start riding but of course with the right gear such as motorcycle helmets to protect your brain.

1. Increasing the brain power

Most people tend to focus more on that well toned body and muscles forgetting that a healthy and active brain is equally important especially in achieving the physical objectives. Instead of driving a car, ride a bike because when sitting in a car your body is almost resting. On the contrary, navigating those corners with a motorcycle not only requires physical but also mental work. According to psychologists, a bike normally activates the prefrontal section of the brain which is the concentration required on the road or track. This keeps the brain functioning to the maximum and this has been linked to improved cognitive function levels.

2. Burning Calories

Many people are constantly spending too much money and time in the gym without getting the desired results. Weight loss has become a very hot topic as more and more people lack physical activity and continue with their unhealthy eating habits. As mentioned in the above point, riding requires more effort compared to driving. Aside from the mental and physical workout, riding has also been observed to increase insulin sensitivity that consequently increases metabolism and helps burn calories and fats. Bikes are heavy and this will require one to use the body to balance and steer safely and this requires total body workout improving that body tone.

3. Improving mental health

On top of keeping the brain functioning at the optimum level, riding also impacts mental health positively. Research has shown that riding a motorcycle improves the mood and reduces the stress as you ride down the long scenic stretches. Accelerating also rushes your adrenaline which improves the mood as well. Also, the exposure to the sun feeds you with the extra vitamin D and make your mind much happier and healthier.

4. Enhancing the core strength

In most cases, bike riders are very strong and masculine. Well, thanks to riding as you have to keep yourself balanced on the heavy bike. When riding on the correct posture, your core, back and neck muscles are fully active.