Riding a motorcycle can really be a lot of fun. It’s a very unique feeling to be out on the open road and enjoying the feeling of the wind against your body. Many people enjoy riding bikes during the warm months but some people are crazy enough to think that they can do this activity without wearing a helmet. Motorcycle helmets are mandatory in many parts of the world but there are places that don’t require them.

For the most part, it’s incredibly foolish to not wear a motorcycle helmet. You are risking injuring yourself and also making riding the bike more difficult than it needs to be. If you need some convincing that motorcycle helmets are imperative, then look at these five important reasons you need to wear one. It should give you the information you need to make the proper decision.

1. It Helps to Prevent Head Injuries

The most obvious reason that you should wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle is that it can help to prevent head injuries. You could easily become terribly injured if you fell off of your bike without wearing a helmet. It would be far simpler to get a serious concussion or even break your neck if you weren’t wearing a helmet. Honestly, it’s still possible that those injuries could occur with the helmet on but without it, the injury would likely prove fatal.

2. It Will Keep Bugs Out of Your Eyes and Mouth

One aspect of riding a motorcycle that some don’t think about is dealing with bugs. Bugs are going to come zipping at you very quickly while you’re riding your motorcycle. Wearing a helmet means that you won’t have to deal with an errant fly hitting you in the eyeball. You also won’t be accidentally swallowing any mosquitoes when wearing a helmet properly.

To add to this, it will also protect you from road debris. Sometimes pebbles or dirt can be kicked up by cars on the road. This debris could strike your face if you aren’t wearing a helmet. It could be the cause of an accident if you aren’t careful so it truly is in your best interest to wear your helmet.

3. Keeps the Weather from Being a Big Issue

Your helmet will protect you from the sun and the wind while riding. Without a helmet on, you’d likely get terribly sunburned while riding for any prolonged period of time. The wind whipping in your face would be quite unpleasant at high speeds as well. During the winter, a helmet will keep your head from getting too cold.

4. Laws Require You to Wear One

Most places have motorcycle helmet laws in the western world. It’s generally against the law to avoid wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle. This applies to both the one operating the motorcycle and any potential passengers. You could face some serious fines if you’re caught riding a motorcycle without a helmet so you should really do your best to avoid this issue.

5. Reflective Materials Help Other Motorists to See You

In order to stay as safe as possible while on your motorcycle, it’s important to wear your helmet. The helmet has reflective materials that help other motorists to spot you on the  road. A car that doesn’t notice your presence could cause you terrible harm by veering into your bike. Your helmet will help you to avoid this by making your presence known.