Few motorcycle riders enjoy wearing helmets, but the risk of not wearing one is far too great to ignore. With the level of road traffic increasing year after year, it’s important that motorcycle riders are well protected against wrecks, however infrequent they may be. Of course, there are other reasons to keep wearing motorcycle helmets, and the following details show some of the main reasons to always have one on when riding a motorcycle.

1. Compliance with the Law

While safety standards vary, all provinces and territories in Canada require motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. You may even want to research the safety standards of your location to ensure that your helmet meets the minimum requirements. Wearing a helmet when you ride your motorcycle ensures that you remain compliant with the law and don’t run into legal trouble as a result of being helmetless.

2. Protect against Collisions

Without a helmet, there is absolutely nothing protecting your head in the event of a collision. Motorcycle riders are completely exposed on their bikes, so whether it’s a collision with a full-sized vehicle or another motorcycle, there’s nothing keeping you protected or contained. A motorcycle helmet is often your best defence against motorcycle injuries, and while crashes may not happen often, you will want to know that you are protected when they do.

3. Protection from Nature

Wind, bugs, sudden rain – these things can all be problems during a motorcycle ride, and a helmet not only ensures that you are protected, it also ensures that these things cause minimal distractions while driving. Depending on the area and the time of day, bugs can be brutal, and motorcycle helmets help ensure that you aren’t getting smacked in the face by bugs your entire ride.

4. Protection from Road Debris

Similarly, helmets will protect you from various road debris such as flying rocks, blowing dust, and other debris kicked up by cars. Flying debris can obstruct your vision, cause you to reflexively jerk your motorcycle, or force you to pull over, but a helmet protects you from a number of things that may impair your ability to drive.

5. Improve Visibility

Helmets may not only improve your ability to see, but they can also make you more visible to other drivers. As a motorcycle, you are already more difficult to see, especially for larger trucks, but a helmet is often more noticeable. Helmets will also keep wind and bugs out of your eyes, so there is no squinting, and you will be able to use all of your eyes at all times.

6. They Can Be Stylish Too

One of the most notorious arguments for not wearing a safety helmet is their appearance, but motorcycle helmets can be stylish as well. If you are worried about looks, many helmets are classy and cool looking, and these days they are a part of the motorcycle “look,” so it is possible that wearing one can actually make you look cooler than if you weren’t wearing one.